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Bucharest Fashion Week

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BUCHAREST FASHION WEEK is considered the most important fashion event and is part of the international circuit of this genre shows being promoted worldwide along with Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week.
two annual editions of Bucharest Fashion Week Festival, spring-summer edition and fall-winter edition are organized by Fashion TV Romania, Romanian Designers Association and National Association of Modeling Agencies with the support and contribution of Kasta Morrely experts qualified in events organizing.

Bucharest Fashion Week offered to Romanian and worldwide public through FashionTV Paris besides presentations of the most famous Romanian designers also fashion shows of international designers creations such as Roberto Cavalli, Rocco Barocco, Gai Matiolo, Claudia Rawlings, Walid Attalah, Giada Curti, Gianni Sapone.
An important role in world-class professionalism of Bucharest Fashion Week is the contribution of Kasta Morrely qualified specialists in events organizing, which for years ensured the coordination and artistic direction of the Festival.
Since 2003 Kasta Morrely has attended with many models winners in competitions within the Festival.

Within Bucharest Fashion Week Festival Kasta Morrely promoted the brand Morrely Fashion Theatre through performances that have impressed every time with special choreographies, haute couture collections, musical backgrounds and presentation of Kasta Morrely models.
Within Bucharest Fashion Week at the Romanian Fashion Awards 2013 Gala Kasta Morrely received the Special Award for the creation of the new artistic genre Fashion Theatre, trademark and intellectual property of Kasta Morrely.

Bucharest Fashion Week - 2014 sping-summer Edition

Kasta Morrely Fashion Theatre "Blue Stars" Collection at Bucharest Fashion Week

Bucharest Fashion Week - 2013 fall-winter Edition

Bucharest Fashion Week - 2013 spring-summer Edition

Bucharest Fashion Week - 2012 Edition

Bucharest Fashion Week - 2011 Edition

Bucharest Fashion Week - 2010 fall-winter Edition

Bucharest Fashion Week - 2010 spring-summer Edition

Bucharest Fashion Week - 2009 fall-winter Edition

Bucharest Fashion Week - 2009 spring-summer Edition

Bucharest Fashion Week - 2008 fall-winter Edition