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International Human Rights Day

Civic Projects

In December 2009, the President of Kasta Morrely organization,
Diana Alexandroae represented Romania at the events marking the

International Human Rights Day in The Hague.
Thus Romania joined the 30 countries of the world represented by over 50 organizations of civil society, to the actions that mark the International Human Rights Day of this year: International Conference, Human Rights Day March and the development of Human Rights Day Manifesto presented afterwards in the Dutch Parliament.
Along with presidents of international organizations, politicians, researchers and journalists around the world, Kasta Morrely President Diana Alexandroae was invited in The Hague as a worldwide expert, to contribute with her level of expertise to the events celebrating the International Human Rights Day. Within the actions of the project she approached in plenary working themes such as trafficking in human beings, discrimination, human rights from the gender perspective and supporting human rights defenders around the world.
The organizers of these events of global concerns:
GHRD (Global Human Rights Defense International Organization) and International Network for Combating Transnational Organized Crime FLARE (Freedom Legality and Rights in Europe) have chosen the representation of Romania by EuroDEMOS and Kasta Morrely the two NGOs are appreciated as organizations of worldwide standard reference in defending and monitoring human rights.


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