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Iuliana Dup

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Hight: 183 cm; Measures: 84 / 58 / 84 cm

PORTFOLIO - 2012 - 2013:

Winner of Fashiontv Black Sea Model Awards 2013 - Fashion Luxury Spring Water
Image of several Brands: Fashiontv, Fashion Luxury Spring Water, Fashion Energy Drink, Mercedes Benz
Winner of Top Model Romania 2012 contest - Fashion Luxury Spring Water
Examples of Events in which she has attended: Fashiontv Summer Festival, Bucharest Fashion Week, Cultural Project Morrely Fashion Theatre
Examples of Fashion Designers & Brands for which she presented: Dolce & Gabanna, Guess, Stefanel, Giada Curti, Walid Atallah, Kasta Morrely, Tina Arena, Marina Mansanta, Luigi Gaglione, etc.

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