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Multicultural Traditional Inheritances within European Identity

Civic Projects

Kasta Morrely organized and coordinated
the European project “Multicultural Traditional Inheritances within European Identity” funded with support from European Commission through Youth in Action Programme.

The project gathered in Romania in Iasi, from 5 to 14 July 2008, 30 young people and youth leaders from 5 European countries: Italy, Spain, Turkey, Portugal and Romania to share and promote cultural and artistic values and traditional heritage in fashion, music and folk dance of the 5 countries.

Under the coordination and facilitation of Kasta Morrely specialists and facilitators the representatives from the 5 countries have shared cultural heritage through non-formal presentations, thematic workshops, national evenings, folklore performances, exhibitions and exchanges of good practices.
The project culminated with creation of a Cultural-artistic Performance Multicultural Traditional Inheritances within European Identity carried out by the project participants to publicly present representations of folk music, fashion and dances from the 5 represented countries illustrating thus Europe’s multicultural inheritance and the importance of assuming it.
The project results have been promoted as a model of good practices at European level through the presentation movie of the project disseminated at European, national and local level in Iasi high schools.


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