Kasta Morrely Organization

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Awards and recognitions


According to the latest European assessments of German specialists in civil society, Kasta Morrely Association is situated in the Top 12 organizations in Europe recognized and promoted at international level for the proven achievements in implementing the European youth policies

Kasta Morrely Organization is recognized as good practice example of European Commission

Kasta Morrely Brand is recognized as international authority in the creative industries

At the Romanian Fashion Awards 2013 Gala Kasta Morrely received the special Award for the creation of the new artistic genre Fashion Theatre, trademark and own intellectual property.

The training and constant civic involvement offers to Kasta Morrely volunteers civic outcomes and motivating achievements acknowledged by many
prizes, nominations, plaques, awards, trophies


  • Three Nominations at People for People Gala
  • Three Trophies Romanian Fashion Awards
  • Many Trophies in artistic and sports competitions


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