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Cannes Film Festival 2013

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KASTA MORRELY events’ organizer Ana Hriscu and Kasta Morrely top models

participated during
to the realization of the Fashiontv Events on the Red Carpet in Cannes

KASTA MORRELY Executive President Ana Hriscu & Kasta Morrely Models were present at "Luxury meets Justice" Jean Claude Van Damme movie Premiere & Fashion Event during CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2013.

CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2013 - Jean Claude Van Damme Movie Premiere

KASTA MORRELY Executive President and events organizer Ana Hriscu together with Kasta Morrely top models were present during CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2013 at Fashiontv Model & Photographers Awards – the Awards for the Best Top Models and Photographers in the World.

Fashiontv Most Liked Model Awards - CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2013

KASTA MORRELY Executive President Ana Hriscu coordinated rehearseals and models during Fashiontv Most Liked Model Awards - Cannes Film Festival 2013.

In the competition were selected as finalists 20 top models from all over the world (Russia, France, Mongolia, China etc.) and Kasta Morrely Top Models were awarded by the international judges with 2 important prizes: CATWALK TOP MODEL – winner Anca Ianole from Kasta Morrely Romania; F. AKAY DRINK TOP MODEL winner Mirela Chirinciuc from Kasta Morrely Moldavia;


In the same event the Kasta Morrely Top Models presented in premiere “THE GREAT GATSBY” collection created by the Italian designer Bozard, related to the Hollywood movie “The Great Gatsby” – the official movie selection of the Cannes Film Festival 2013.

Fashiontv Nightlife Awards – the Awards for the Best Clubs in the World

FashionTV hosted the Nightlife Awards in cooperation with MICS (Monaco International Clubbing Show) recognizing the most exclusive, fashionable, and extraordinary clubs with an awards ceremony on May 21st 2013.
Presenting the evenings’ entertainment was
pop singer Ania J, with special appearances from Hollywood star Jean-Claude van Damme, top model Maria Mogsolova, TV presenter Hofit Golan, Kasta Morrely Executive President Ana Hriscu and founder of FashionTV Michel Adam.


Kasta Morrely Top Models at Cannes Film Festival 2013 - Mamaia Official TV Promotion

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