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Creative Industries Awards Gala

Creative Industries Awards Gala

KASTA MORRELY International Cultural Association organized


on 26 November 2014 at the Athenaeum in Iasi - Romania

Main purpose of Creative Industries Awards Gala is the recognition of authentic values in creative industries. Within this international event were awarded international, regional and local brand, institutions and organizations which through their creative activities contribute to the sustainable development of the community.

International event
Creative Industries Awards Gala was attended by 28 representatives from 8 partner states, European promoters of the creative industries and creative entrepreneurship.

It is important to appreciate that this Gala raised at the highest eligibility criteria
for professional recognized events due to the presence of the Vice-mayor of Iasi City, mr. Mihai Chirica that proved once again with this occasion the responsibility and vision toward the very important role of creative industries for the prosperity of the community. Mr. vice-mayor Mihai Chirica handed the trophies to the international and Romanian winners.

The awards within the 2014 edition of
Creative Industries Awards Gala were granted for the following categories: International promotion and advertising, Art, Innovation in performing arts, Television, Radio, Publications, Music and stage art, Performing arts, Fashion, Design, Crafts.

were granted 8 special awards for involvement in promotion of creative industries to:
Tourism and Folclor Research Center - TURKEY
Relations Research Association - BULGARIA
Representative Body of Mykolas Romeris university - LITHUANIA
Association for All - PORTUGAL
Alliance Krusevo - MACEDONIA
Korinten - BULGARIA
Foundation - SLOVENIA
Regional Volunteering Centre - POLAND

ART Category - Mr. Dan Cumpata, artist and president of I-ART Association won the trophy for innovation initiative in sustaining art and artists at international level though the means of information era.
INOVATION IN PERFORMING ARTS - His Excellency Dr. Morel Bolea, President of EuroDEMOS Association won the trophy for coordination of the research team that elaborated the project of the occupational standards for Events organizer, Model and the new artistic genre Fashion Theatre.
RADIO Category - Radio Iasi won the trophy for consistency and professionalism in broadcasting and radio promotion of creative industries.

FASHION Category - mrs. Valy Boiciuc Fashion designer - Vee Shop won the trophy for entrepreneurial exploration of the frontiers between fashion and on-line environment.

PUBLICATION Category - Regionalul Informatorul Moldovei won the trophy for association of civism with the promotion of values from creative industries as performance of regional and international interest.
MUSIC an STAGE ART Category - mr. Marius Honceriu - Stage M Botosani won the trophy for valorization of creative industries in rural and urban environment musical management and qualified events organizing.
TELEVISION Category - Tele Moldova Plus won the trophy for tv promotion of professionalism in creative industries.

PERFORMING ARTS Category - mr. Petre Susu, choreographer of Doina Carpatilor Folkloric Assembly won the trophy for consistency and promotion of traditional folkloric choreographies through performing arts.

DESIGN Category - Delta Plan won the trophy for innovation in textile industry through combination of fashion design with art and craft artistry.
CRAFTS Category - mr. Nicolae Palaghiu - Gravez.ro won the trophy for valorization of creativity in modern craft art through computerized, laser and mechanic emboss.

Like all the Galas that respect the professional rules for this type of events, Creative Industries awards developed within the XI- edition event, KASTA MORRELY STARS.


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