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Factors of expertize and legality in image domain

Expertize - Performance in image promotion

From Kasta Morrely begins the history of legalization of Event Organizer and Model occupations in Europe

Kasta Morrely specialists contributed to the development of image promotion and performing arts fields by designing and legitimizing the Occupational Standards for two top professions of the contemporary society according to the COR (Classification of the Occupations in Romania):

To professionalize the image and events organizing domains Kasta Morrely specialists participated in writing the first SPECIALIZED MANUALS for the top professions of EVENTS ORGANIZER, QUALIFIED MODEL, MASTER OF CEREMONIES.

MODEL Occupational Standard

EVENTS ORGANIZER Occupational Standard

Kasta Morrely experts have the SPECIALTY QUALIFICATIONS that fulfill the requirements for image promotion through Quality Events and Fashion Theatre: Quality Auditor; Trainer; Model-PR specialist; Events Organizer; Evaluator of professional competences; Human resources inspector; Master of Ceremonies; Manager of the management system for occupational security and health.


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