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Fashion Theatre

Morrely Fashion Theatre

FASHION THEATRE ® - Kasta Morrely Trademark - is a modern artistic genre created and promoted at national and international level by Kasta Morrely.
Fashion Theater promotes, creates and actualizes in a captivating form cultures, designers, brands. The Fashion Theatre greatly highlights in an attractive manner the designer's creations and artistic personality or the promoted cultural message
The artistic genre Fashion Theatre requires from those who realize it
a specific team preparation, more complementary professional qualifications and experience as trainer for occupations related to events organizing, performances, fashion shows, modern dance, traditional dance, music etc.”

Morel Bolea,"Modern Artistic Genre Fashion Theatre®"

CULTURAL PROJECT Morrely Fashion Theatre



Morrely Fashion Theatre "ROMANIAN FOLKLORE"

“Romanian Folklore” Fashion Theatre is a cultural artistic manifestation created and introduced in the performing arts field by Kasta Morrely with the purpose of promoting Romanian folklore, dances, music, traditional costumes and Romanian traditions at national and international level through events, performances, competitions, festivals and multicultural projects.

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